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VIROTEC®-Mounting VX-GH,
VIROTEC®-Mounting VX-GH,
the Solution for plasterboard ceilings

The VIROTEC®-Mounting VX-GH is designed to align and holdthe VIROTEC®-Flexhoses VX-G, VX-S on closed suspended plasterboard ceilings. This fixture component is an important con-stituent of the VIROTEC®-Flexhose system for arm over installation of the sprinkler network in a time- and cost saving manner.
Fixture VX-GH

Assembly Instructions

  • Fit the clamping sections (2) from one side on the cross member (1).
  • Do the rough aligning of the clamping sections (2) on thecross rod (1) according to the spacing of the section rails.
  • Snap fully, the fixture with the clamping sections (2) in the 2section rails of the ceiling structure, do horizontal aligning andtighten the 2 set screws (4), using Allen key, size 4 mm (about5 Nm).
  • Pass the end of the hose (reducer fitting on the Flexose VX-Gor the 90 deg. elbow fitting on the flexhose VX-S) along withthe sprinkler head sealed in beforehand, through the hole inthe ceiling plate, hold these vertically by the side of the crossrod (1), place on the hose clamp (3) from the side and hook iton the cross rod (1).
  • Align the end of the hose vertically and tighten the set screw(5), using Allen key, size 4 mm (about 10 Nm).

Please also note the assembly instructions of the suspended ceiling system.

The VIROTEC®-Fixture VX-GH can be positioned freely on U-section rails of the plasterboard and thus facilitates aligning thesprinkler between the section rails of the ceiling structure quicklyand accurate to the point. The VIROTEC®-Fixture VX-GH consistsof the cross rod (1), two clamping sections (2) and the U shapedhose clamp (3). The clamping sections are specially designed forlocking the cross member to the section rails of the ceiling construction for plasterboard ceilings, e.g. make Knauf/Rigips. The Ushaped hose clamp serves to fasten the end of the hose or thereducer fitting on to the VIROTEC®-Flexhose VX-G, or the 90deg. elbow fitting on the VIROTEC®-Flexhose VX-S. Also see thedata sheets for VX-G and VX-S. The hose clamp is designed for auniform diameter of 27 mm and is used in all types of mountings(VX-SH, -GH and -UH) for VIROTEC®flexible hoses having thenominal sizes 20 NB and 25 NB.

Technical Data

- Material:steel sheet/square tube
- Surface:galvanized-Nominal size:DN20 - DN25
- Temperature of use:- 20 to 110 deg. C
- Tool used for fitting:Allen key, size 4 mm / 6 mm
- System ceilings: e.g. Knauf, Rigips


Table Fixture VX-GH

Technical data Fixture VX-GH